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- This 62-feet boat has a strong yet light foam-cored, vacuum infused structure and

exhibits class leading quietness even while underway

- The three guest cabins, well fitted out with plenty of storage space, each have their

own bathroom

- This is the first of the Numarine’s range of yachts to be totally illuminated using LED


- Performance is guaranteed by two Volvo Penta IPS 950: 31 knot top speed and 26

knot cruising speed


Numarine, the Turkish high performance motor yacht shipyard in Istanbul with a range from 62’ - 105’,

is pleased to announce that European premiere of the 62Fly yacht will take place at the Cannes

Yachting Festival 2017 (September 12-17, 2017).


Measuring in a 19.16 meters LOA , with a 5.15 meter beam, the Numarine 62Fly has the same bold

styling common to all the Turkish yard’s family line products, with a sportive design that respects the

exceptional onboard space available to the owner. Ample open areas and brightly lit interiors define

Numarine’s traditional and characteristic layout.

The 62Fly is drawn by Numarine’s designer Can Yalman, responsible for the concept, lines and interiors while

Umberto Tagliavini is the naval architect and Gurit was in charge of the structural engineering.


This flybridge 62-feet boat is strong and powerful. She has a foam-cored, vacuum infused structure

and thanks to significant engineering work she has class-leading noise and vibration levels that make

it very quiet even while underway. The yacht’s interior is very spacious and airy, even the engine

room is full standing height.


The Flybridge 62’ is very competitive thanks to Numarine’s construction techniques where light weight

and strength are guaranteed by vacuum infusion composite construction.

Comfort and cheer were the guidelines in designing the Numarine Flybridge 62’s internal layout. The

three guest cabins, well fitted out with plenty of storage space, each have their own bathroom, which

are much larger than you would expect in a boat of this size. The fullbeam owner’s suite, with its huge

picture windows at water level, fills the cabin full of light and the view it offers to those reclining in bed

(165 cm wide) is breathtaking!

This is the first of the Numarine’s range of yachts to be totally illuminated using LED lighting and

the designers assure us that all future yachts coming out of the build facility outside Istanbul will be so


The potential versatility of any yacht’s ventilation is not often appreciated by those who like only air-

conditioned interiors. Throughout Numarine 62 Flybridge, there is the ability to let fresh air circulate

through the boat by flipping open hatches in the windows or by electrically lowering the forward side

windows in the main saloon, which is a welcome feature.

The décor of the interior is clean and refreshing and relies heavily on the use of glass, leather and

stainless steel to give it a contemporary feel. It is very pleasing to the hand the leather-covered

interior hand and holding rails.

The galley is incorporated into the main saloon and divided by a useful bar that is equally at home

laden with a buffet lunch as serving cold ones from the fridge: this is a boat that is designed to be

used by those who like to go boating rather than be simply admired on a marina slip.


On Numarine 62’ Flybridge performance is guaranteed by two Volvo Penta IPS 950. With a 31 knot

top speed and a 26 knot cruising speed, the use of less powerful engines will keep fuel consumption

and maintenance costs down.


Using IPS is very important in space saving, it allows accommodation space to free up. Their smaller

size frees up considerable space in the engine room, which in turn allows us to increase fuel tank

capacity, notably increasing the cruising range. IPS system offers also a 30 percent reduction in fuel

consumption, 30 percent less CO2 emissions, 50 percent lower perceived noise level, 40 percent

longer cruising range, 20 percent higher top-speed, and safe and predictable handling.

IPS1200 is an option that pushes the 62Fly to a 35 knots top speed and 28knots cruise speed.

The Shaft version is an option available on the standard price-list, now with MAN 1000 or Volvo 900.

Unit 2 of 62Fly has 2xMAN 1200hp and reaches 36.5 knots of maximum speed.


Numarine’s designer Can Yalman refers:


“With the 62Fly, and the upcoming 62HT, I continued the evolution of Numarine’s signature silhouette,

emphasizing taught muscular lines in a sleek profile that incorporates extensive glazing for maximum transparency with surprisingly generous interior volumes

found usually on larger boats - this is the latest baby Numarine but with all the features of its larger Numarine siblings. It is one of my favorites!”


Umberto Tagliavini adds:

“The hull design of the Numarine 62’ Flybridge is derived from Omer

Malaz’s needs and requests for an innovative boat designed around the IPS-Volvo propulsion

systems. The challenge was even more interesting considering that it was also desirable to mount an

in-line transmission for the markets that are still attracted to the more traditional system. Sea trails

confirmed the twin personality of the hull design, which garnered excellent results both with Hull N°1

(Volvo and IPS transmission) and Hull N°2 (Man and in-line transmission). 31-32 knots were obtained

with Hull N°1 and IPS, 36-37 knots with Hull N°2 and traditional transmissions, both providing

excellent comfort for passengers. The bow’s entry is very deep to better cut through the waves,

however high, and these very conditions were found during the trials, confirming the foreseen

performance in real sea conditions. Even the special shape of the hull strakes were designed

(including CFD) to improve performance and optimize on-board comfort while eliminating spray on the wind screen”.

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