Numarine’s First Luxury Smart Yacht

08 Feb 2019

Meet Adonis

The 78-foot customized Numarine yacht that was unveiled recently has been touted as “luxury smart yacht.” And since it’s the result of a partnership between the tech specialists at Furrion and the European high performance motor yacht shipyard Numarine, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, that make sense. In fact, it was so high tech, it was the first time ever that a yacht was displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show last month.

“Our concept fleet gives us the flexibility to showcase our innovation practically anywhere, and we are excited to unveil Adonis here at CES 2019,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “Furrion’s history is rooted in marine and now we are able to combine the best of our technology, design and futuristic innovation to deliver an experience unlike no other. The addition of our virtual concierge with artificial intelligence, Angel gives consumers an always-present assistant, regardless of their Internet connection.”


According to Fidler, Adonis is the first yacht that houses Furrion's “Angel” technology that seamlessly connects all the technology on board.

The yacht also features several Furrion Smart Mirrors with an interactive display found in the master cabin and throughout the yacht. The Smart Mirrors reportedly function like a large tablet or touch screen allowing you view updates such as weather, schedules, news and social media. You can even watch television or other media on the Smart Mirror.

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