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End of Year Summary & Holiday Wishes

Dear Friends,

2017 was another great year for Numarine.

In June we delivered our first 32XP Explorer to its Owner, who stopped using it only a few weeks ago.  Hulls no.2 and 3 were sold in a couple of months after the delivery of the first.

Our 62Fly consolidated its position as one of the best offerings in its size on the market, with now 8 yachts delivered to their satisfied Owners and more coming.

Our Headquarters were busy finalizing the engineering of our entry level Explorer, the 26XP, with the first unit being finished as we write this, and 3 more in construction for Summer 2018 Delivery.  With the publication of the first photos of hull no.1, the 26XP promises to become another outstanding success with its incredible volumes, excellent performance characteristics, outstandingly low noise & vibration levels, and the typical Numarine full-spec value.

We also sold the first unit of our new Sportfly variant of our 78 range, the 78HTS, a model that is attracting a lot of attention from new Clients.

Our Dealer Network has expanded, with great new Partners in Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and Lebanon.

Thanks to all of our Marketing, Promotion and PR efforts, in 2017 we were able to generate an Editorial Value of more than €2.000.000 in web, print and tv media.  if in 2018 we are successful in implementing a special project, we will be able to increase our firepower on this front, with a phenomenal impact for us all.

We look forward to an exciting 2018:  Multiple deliveries of 26XPs and 32XPs, delivery of the new 78HTS to a dynamic client that will involve us in a novel promotional co-marketing activity, and presentation of our new mothership, the Numarine 44XP Explorer.  And we will keep a surprise up our sleeve for now.

In the meantime, We wish You and Your Families Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!




Numarine Performance Motoryachts


PS - by following the link below, you can download a fresh Numarine Music Mix, courtesy of our resident
DJ Ecoral

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